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The project emerged from a collaborative exchange with the Synthetic Anatomy students from King’s College. I was inspired by the research that focused on the plausible impact of gravity on Mars on the human body. The red planet has 38% of that of Earth. It is predicted that over time the size of a human body would increase while the bone density would decrease.

I use this prediction and turn it into an immersive experience, showcasing a 2.5m sculpture of a giant made from glass wax, which I pour onto prepared forms. As the forces of gravity ossify imprinted in wax, the hand that directs its flow feels the weight of cosmological rules leading the patterns. The process I follow results in an incredibly fragile structure that takes over two weeks to install, as upon any force it brakes and requires retouching. The sculpture is temporary and as time passes bends and shifts under gravity. It shimmers and glows as the lights dance on its surface, presenting the idea of interplanetary travel in a form of a fantom. 

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