temple side.png


Sculpture in the style of abstract baroque stings the eye with visual overload. The lost sense of aesthetic erupts the expectation of spatial design, instead presenting a chance driven assembly of fluxional materiality. Outlandish obstructed from sight details pierce through the dense formation. This dense mass transfigured from a series of experimental tests became the Temple. An image stack between excellence and dystopia. It’s architecture is unsubstantiated, but its presence unquestionable.

Applying artist process to composite the castle of broken dreams was an antidote to careful analysis and planning required in a typical design process. The cure for boredom, a gateway to spiritual re-birth and a failure to established expectations. The fumes of melted wax and metal hovered over the impenetrable welter of possibilities. 


The piece emerged, loaded with high hopes and deep regrets. 



wax tube1.png

manufactory of forms