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The biological body has evolved a stable range of perception to ground us with a distinct integrity within the material environments. We annotate our visual experiences agains the expectations we hold. As the novel technologies allow the human eyes to get glimpses of the fluxional nature of the foundations of reality, the gaps of mysteries between the ridges of facts deepen. 


This project is a visual exploration of the beginning of life and consciousness. Nature patterns are a core reference for the structural choices made. Designed just at the edge of consciousness, the piece is a sum of information and visual imagery and I exposed myself to, while working. I use the biological systems that make up my physical self to represent a complex set of facts and mysteries. 


The piece is hand made using silicone. When charged with light, it calmly glows in the dark with dim blue light. 

photo credits: Johann Spindler

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colour in the dark_edited.jpg