Shemiq is a London-based spatial artist. Her process involves exploring the material properties of abstract ideas and translating them into 3-dimensional experiences. Her work centres around the subjects of chaotic complexities, the relationship between human and nature, and perception of visual stimuli.

In essence, my practise explores the transformative exchange of influences between the human being and the environment. I am intrigued by the building blocks of reality and their interactions at different scales. I find my inspiration in nature, science, and theology. I see the world exists in three states: the physical, the conceptual, and the spiritual, all intertwined together in a complex system of dependencies. With my art, I aim to evoke a deeper intuitive connection between the conceptual and the physical. I believe the subconscious truths manifest in the creative process, especially when the unplanned and the unwanted happens. My process is highly instinctive and I use my body as a sensor of value in what I do. 





2021 Synthetic Anatomy 


2019 Floating City, V&A


2019 Wayfinding, Kawagoe


2017 Japanese Tea House, Tate Exchange 

2016 Day of The Dead










2019-2021 Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art


2016-2019 Interior and Spatial Design, UAL, Chelsea


2016-2015 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, UAL, Camberwell 


2015-2012 International Baccalaureate, St. Clare’s, Oxford